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Decapitation: When the woman is the risk taker and the man stays home

by Claude Forthomme on 2017-11-24

The most efficient form of space travel: decapitation.

Find out how it works. And what it means to those involved. It all starts in Mountain View, California, anno domini 2051. Relentless pollution and climate change have doomed the planet, the only way to save mankind is to move as many people as possible to newly discovered exoplanet Kepler 457 - popularly known as Earth 2.0, the "the second Garden of Eden".

Julie, a brilliant Stanford student, decides to go, Dan, her lover (and teacher) refuses. He tries to warn her of the danger of the decapitation technology the Earth 2.0 project relies on but she doesn't believe him.

Will Julie listen to Daniel? Can mankind be saved by the Earth 2.0 project?

NOTE TO THE READER: This is the first work of fiction published under the author's real name (other books may be found under the pen name Claude Nougat)