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Howl And Roar: Wolf and Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance (Howl And Growl Series Book 2)

by Cloe Cullen on 2018-12-15

Is forbidden love worth risking your life?

Nyssa: Just because this sexy overgrown fuzzy Bear saved my life doesn’t mean he can kidnap me.
Were-Bears don’t exist.
He can’t just keep me in his cave forever.
I must find a way to escape…
…even if I don’t want to.

Jorah: Watching the cougar fight was fun, but then one turned into an injured beautiful blonde naked woman.
On instinct, I shifted into Bear and raced down the mountain to save her.
If I let her go, the Clan will kill her.
She seems to hate me.
I can’t believe I captured an actual mythical wolf shifter.
I want her.
I must find a way to be with this spirited nymph-like creature.

Will the Bear Clan fight with the Pack against the Vampires who almost wiped them out?

Howl And Growl: Wolf And Cat Shifter Paranormal Romance (Howl And Growl Series Book 1)

by Cloe Cullen on 2018-11-01

Can forbidden love find a way?

Amara: I can’t believe this big arrogant wolf has ventured into Pride territory.
How dare he? Why is he here?
He crossed paths with the wrong Cougar.
Even if he is all kinds of sexy in human form.
I wanted to kill him…
…now I want to love him.

Darius: Whoa! A cougar pounced on me from a tree branch.
No female has ever fought me before.
She can’t beat me, but I sure am enjoying this fight.
Then she turned into a beautiful naked woman.
It is forbidden to mate with a Cat, but…
…I will have this feisty Cougar even if it means losing my life.

Can Pack and Pride fight together against the coming Vampire attack?