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Arriving Soon



by Constance Wanicki on 2018-01-02

Can a woman without a heartbeat fall in love?

Aria woke up naked, covered in blood, and alone. The little memories she had were jumbled and fractured, and she was slowly being driven mad by random, horrific scenes that completely took over her consciousness. The more she learned about herself, the more she doubted her humanity.
And then there’s Rey, an ex-gangbanger with a reputation for being not only a very dangerous man but a playboy to boot. Though Aria is strangely drawn to him by strong internal forces she cannot explain, she quickly learns that he’s off-limits due to his ex, a fiercely intelligent and dangerous woman in her own right.
But then Aria learns that she is being hunted, and the only person that may be able to save her is the man she is fighting so hard to not fall in love with…