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Sold to the Alien Mobsters: A Curvy Girl Alien Reverse Harem Romance (Rogue Aurelians Book 2)

by Corin Cain on 2019-03-21

Captured. Sold. Three brutal alien mobsters on the brink of war. A curvy heroine who won't give in.

We're brought kicking and screaming to the alien auction house.

I was supposed to be an artist. I was supposed to be a sculptor, creating beauty. Instead, I am reduced to nothing more than my body. The men who come to a slave auction care about one thing, and one thing only...

There aren't supposed to be Aurelians at the slave auction. The seven-foot-tall perfectly muscled God-like aliens are supposed to have... strict rules forbidding slavery. These three are covered in scars and tattoos, and every man in the room quivers in fear at their presence.

Rogues Aurelians. Criminals who threw off the shackles of their Empire to claim their own destiny.

They own the room...

And they want to own me

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Sold to the Alien Outlaws: A Curvy Girl Alien Reverse Harem Romance (Rogue Aurelians Book 1)

by Corin Cain on 2019-02-21

The price of saving our city? Our women...

We declared independence from the Aurelian Empire. Now, we will pay for it. The moment the all-male species leaves, the ravening hordes of the universe attack. The Scorp descend on our little planet without mercy. Pinching claws rend. Darting tails poison. Blood fills the streets.

With the arrogant warrior species of aliens gone, we have no hope.

Until three seven-foot tall aliens break away from their Empire to save us. They will be branded as deserters by their Empire. They will lose everything, and yet they come for us. Like Greek Gods, they stand. Like angels of death, they war.

Raka. Raekon. Leon.

Under their hungry eyes, it's impossible to feel out of place like I do alongside the willowy, elegant noblewomen. All of my imperfections wash away under their eyes. When they look at me, they drink up my curves, and for the first time in my life I feel small... and helpless.

They are violence incarnate. They are a whirlwind of death. They threw away their future to save us. In return...

They demand everything.

I watch the women on the stage, exposed and helpless, and I feel more than just pity...

Some dark part of me wonders what it would like to be sold to those brutal alien warriors.
What it would be like to be their fated mate, Bonded for eternity.
To be the only woman in the universe able to bear their sons.

Welcome to the Aurelian Empire, where the dominant, drool-worthy aliens come in threes. If you love steamy alien reverse harem - you're going to love delving into the Aurelian Empire!

This is book one in a series of interconnected standalones featuring Rogue Aurelians with a HEA guaranteed!

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Protected by the Alien Warrior Triad: A reverse harem alien romance (Scorp Blood Tribe Book 2)

by Corin Cain on 2019-01-27

I don't know what's worse. The tattooed, arrogant seven-foot-tall aliens who look at me like dinner, or the beasts that want to EAT me for dinner!

Death is dropping from the sky. I lost my parents to the Scorp, and I'm not going to lose the four orphans who rely on my protection. The last thing I need is three cocky aliens getting in my way.

Welcome to the Aurelian Empire, where brutal seven-foot-tall alien warriors come in threes. Protected by the Alien Warriors is an interconnected alien warrior romance standalone set in the Aurelian Empire full of action, adventure, and a steamy reverse harem romance. Guaranteed HEA for the heroine and her triad!

Read this reverse harem alien romance today if you love action and romance!

Claimed by the Alien Warrior Triad (Scorp Blood Tribe Book 1)

by Corin Cain on 2018-12-19

This isn’t real life. In real life, you don’t have towering, broad-shouldered, Greek Gods of men stepping out of a portal and into your reality. Shirtless, in nothing but loin clothes, with every inch of their rippling, marble-hued muscles covered in tribal tattoos… You don’t have men like that appearing out of nowhere; out of a rippling crack in the universe... Until three of them do exactly that…

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Mated to the Alien Warriors: An Alien Fated Mates Sci Fi Action Romance

by Corin Cain on 2018-10-14

Inspector Sandra Bellinks: My job? To avenge 8 billion souls.

And I'm not going to let three cocky, arrogant Aurelians derail my investigation.

The imperious, seven-foot-tall marble-skinned aliens assigned to my team stare at me with open lust. Behind their slate grey eyes hide tortured pasts and violent pain. Used to treating human women as simple pleasure toys, the three brutal warriors Adrihan, Ryder and Xzavic rankle under my lead.

Will I be able to tame the beasts and take down Rav'nok the planet killer?

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Sold to the Alien Cartel: An Alien Menage Romance

by Corin Cain on 2018-09-22

Captured and sold? The alien that buys me is going to get my blade down his throat.

The cartel planet of Titus is far away from the reach of the Aurelian Empire, the seven-foot-tall Greek Gods that rule with iron fist. It's the only place I can hide from my dark past.

The only problem? When pirates capture you, there's no help coming. My innocence is the only thing that keeps me from a fate worse than death.

Taken, beautified, and presented in an alien auction house to the billionaires and criminals of the lawless planet, they expect me to be obedient. I can fake it... for as long as it takes to get my blade between the throat of whichever giant marble-skinned Aurelian buys me.

That's what I thought, at least...

Until I'm told that the crimelord Kargoth will be placing a bid on me. The rogue Aurelian owns half of Titus, and every cop, politician and official is in his pocket. With a reputation for bloody violence and a stern temper, I can only imagine the fate of whatever poor woman he buys.

If he chooses me?

I'll kill him.

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Sold to the Alien Gladiators: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance

by Corin Cain on 2018-08-22

We will claim her.

She looks at my triad with disgust and hatred.
We stare at her with pure hunger.

Captured and forced to battle in the blood-soaked arenas of Bugra, my triad will live and die under the scorching sun.

The only thing that moves our weary muscles and overcomes the pain of our wounds is the obsession of claiming our fated mate.
She is brought to us humiliated and disheveled, and yet still her eyes burn with defiance.
We are born to battle. We are born to blood and violence. Aurelians have no master, and when we break our shackles there will be a reckoning.

She will be ours, even if I have to level empires and plunge the universe into war.

I would kill for her, die for her, even as her hatred burns me to the core.

She will be ours.

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