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Ashley's Tale: The Complete Series: An Asexual Sci-fi/Fantasy Romance

by CR Barlow on 2017-12-08

She's a warrior, not a princess…
Ashley knew from the time she was young that she was the illegitimate daughter of Earth's Emperor, Harper. It didn't matter to her, because she wanted nothing to do with him. She never wanted to be a princess. In fact, all she wanted to do was protect the planet and gave up her mother's noble title in order to do just that.
What she had not been expecting was to be forced to be a princess one day.
Harper is dying without an heir, and he is desperate for somebody to carry on his legacy. With his son in jail for treason and his young wife refusing to have children, that leaves Ashley. So she is removed from Earth Force, the protective guard she has been in since she was sixteen, put in ball gowns and shoved into a media circus she has no experience with.
But that's not the worst of it. Harper also introduces her to a man she doesn't know, Lord Thomas, and tells her they will soon be married.
In the confusion of cameras and attention, though, she and Thomas just might find they have things in common… and friendship may blossom into something more intimate.

Includes all four books of Ashley's Tale!
Reluctant Princess
Lost Princess
Rebel Princess
Warrior Princess

Warrior Princess: An Asexual Sci-fi/Fantasy Romance (Ashley's Tale Book 4)

by CR Barlow on 2017-10-01

When Ashley decided to rise up against her father, the Emperor of Earth, she knew that sacrifices were going to be made.
But as the battle looms between her alliance and the armies of Earth, everything is getting more intense. There is a spy in her command staff, and she's tasked her elder half-brother to find who it is. But can she trust Edan, who tried to destroy Harper once before, to have her back?
As Harper comes down harder on her and her alliances, can she sacrifice it all? Thomas, her husband and one true love? The people who trust in her? Her own life? In the end of it all, can she stand strong against the coming storm and be the one to bring peace to the solar system? Or will she be the one to end everything that she holds dear?
In the final installment of Ashley's Tale, she faces victories, defeats... and loss.

Rebel Princess: An Asexual Sci-fi/Fantasy Romance (Ashley's Tale Book 3)

by CR Barlow on 2017-08-29

Ashley never wanted a civil war. She only wanted to protect the planet she loved. Now she finds herself at a crossroads that might plunge the system into a bloody war, or bring about peace and healing to all of them.

The stakes have been raised, and she is determined to stop Harper once and for all. Now his control over her life has been broken, she needs to free Earth and the rest of the Solar system from his tyranny. Having made her decision, she knows she must pursue it to the end, but she strives to avoid war. If she can just get the rest of the planets on board, then perhaps she can make Harper stand down without bloodshed.

Joined by her half-brother, Edan, and her husband Thomas, she does not struggle alone in this conflict. Despite being forced to marry, Ashley and Thomas are growing closer together, and Ashley is beginning to recognize her deepening feelings for him. But is there a place for love when either of them might die at any moment?

And when the fate of the system hangs in the balance, is love just a distraction that she can't afford?

Lost Princess: An Asexual Sci-fi/Fantasy Romance (Ashley's Tale Book 2)

by CR Barlow on 2017-07-28

Just when she thought things couldn’t get worse, Ashley's life is turned upside down again.
Forced to take on the role of princess in the Earth Empire and forced to marry Lord Thomas, Ashley thought her father, Harper, couldn’t ruin her life any more than he already had. But Harper is determined to control every aspect of her life, and he's not above threats to make it happen.
Ashley and Thomas are still getting to know each other. Friendship has deepened to something deeper, but Ashley isn't ready to call it love. When Thomas tells her he loves her, she's not certain he can believe that. How can they be in love when they were forced to marry?
So when the reluctant princess of Earth is kidnapped by the elves of Saturn, it's almost a relief. Except, of course, that they'll kill her if they don't get what they want. But as Ashley learns more about Harper and herself, she realizes that there is far more than her life at stake. She might have to sacrifice everything and everyone she loves in order to stop the man who calls himself Emperor.