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Zane and the Flight to Sermus: (A Short Sci-Fi Love Story) ((A Touch of Romance and Sci-Fi) Book 1)

by Crimson Bells on 2018-03-05

"Moreno!" screamed the violet-eyed and raven-haired Misato Sugiyama. "Listen to me! You must land either on your feet or on your back! The suit can handle nearly anything, but your helmet is a different story. Should the front of it hit that thing's surface, the protective glass would break under the pressure of the gravity, leaving you facedown and dead. Your oxygen won't be of any use to you, should you destroy that helmet."

Zane obeyed the researcher, used every ounce of his strength to get on his back. Sweat coated his face, and his heart felt about ready to burst by the time the lifesaving task was completed.

"Stand by…for my…landing on this thing," he panted, while focusing on trying to calm his rapidly beating heart.

"Take deep, slow, and steady breaths, Moreno," whispered Ms. Sugiyama.

"Breathe with me," he whispered back, eyes closed.

The sound of their synchronized breathing soothed everyone listening in at the NSCS.

WARNING: This work contains strong language and explicit sexual content such as graphic descriptions of bodily fluid and very light spanking. This work should be read by readers 18+