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Imperfect Rebellion (Imperfect Series Book 2)

by Crystal Hart on 2018-09-03

Daughter of a Keeper. Princess of Rebels. Survivor of a massacre.
They were supposed to be safe at the beach house.
Trina and the others managed to escape the grasp of Dr. Warren, but the evil scientist's superior has come to finish the experiments of his subordinate. When bodies start drifting to the shores of Trina's hideaway, she knows she must make a choice: face her abilities and the monster trying to steal them, or watch her family—and Kyle—fall victim to the system. Again. Every plan Trina makes has a wrench thrown in, least of which when a young Keeper of the Book of Law arrives. Like the others at the beach house, Marie is seeking refuge after her family was destroyed before her eyes. But the guy who comes with her is the last person she ever expected to see alive.
Marie. Lost and trapped in a new world that shuns her from both political camps, Marie must choose a side. Either with the Keepers, who she’s learning are all corrupt? Or with Trina’s band of misfits with superpowers who call themselves the Rebellion. Marie is put to the ultimate test when the two young leaders of the Rebellion are taken against their will for the creation of the most powerful serum yet. Will Marie risk everything to save them? Or will she follow her intended path to become the Keeper to change the country?