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Fate of Avejeva

by CW Chang on 2018-02-17

Is this a love story with science fiction elements or is it the other way round? You decide.

A lot has changed in Xerarex after Gabriel's invasion. The Xerarexians managed to rebuild the world. It is a completely different place compared to old world.
Eron and Michie are in the same orphanage located in Cuirass during this new age. Will there be any hardship or will it be smooth sailing?
Michie likes Eron but her love is not reciprocated. How do they get together in the end?
Eron's dream is to explore the universe. However, given their modest means, how are they going to realize his dream?
Unbeknown to them, there is a threat to the universe. How will this menace affect them?

Join the couple in their adventure from their native planet to the other side of the universe.