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aHunter4Right (aHunter4Hire Book 8)

by Cynthia A. Clement on 2018-04-30

A plot to destroy the planet. A thwarted abduction. Together an alien warrior and a scientist battle to save Earth.

Jehon is an elite alien warrior who lives by a strict code of honor. He vows to protect Aashi after preventing her kidnapping. He defends her against a secret world organization determined to profit by destroying the planet. As he fights the evil forces bent on annihilation, an attraction develops between him and Aashi. Can he save the world and protect the woman he has bonded with?

Aashi’s world revolves around plants and her research lab. One minute her life is predictable and safe, and the next she is dodging bullets and kidnappers. The only constant throughout her ordeal is Jehon. He is honorable, protective, and trustworthy. Dare she hope that a future with him is possible?

As the two struggle to stay alive and stop the impending apocalypse, the attraction between them grows. Can they defeat the forces threatening the planet? Or will they die fighting?

aHunter4Right is the eighth book in a standalone sci-fi romance series. If you like non-stop action, alpha alien warriors fighting for justice, and sweet romance, then you’ll love Cynthia Clement’s aHunter4Hire series.

Buy aHunter4Right to see if Jehon and Aashi can find happiness together and stop Armageddon.

aHunter4Hire Series

When a unit of elite alien warriors known as Hunters, crash on Earth, they discover that their ancient legends of mating are true. Forbidden to mate on their home planet, they are now free to fight for justice and find the one woman that is fated to become their pair bond.

Books in the aHunter4Hire Series:

aHunter4Rescue (Book 1)

aHunter4Saken (Book 2)

aHunter4Life (Book 3)

aHunter4Ever (Book 4)

)aHunter4Trust (Book 5)

aHunter4Gotten (Book 6)

aHunter4Fire (Book 7)

aHunter4Right (Book 8)

Although each book can be read as a stand-alone story, it is recommended that you read them in order.