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The Immortals IV: Troy

by Cynthia Breeding on 2018-04-16

Stalked by the Devil himself, only one man can save this woman…but his memory is gone.

An eccentric Dallas millionaire who collects medieval artifacts hires a modern-day Seer to locate an ancient chalice that might be the Holy Grail. Little does Brianna Frasier know she’s in a deadly race with Balor, the fallen-from-grace Celtic god who wants to use the Grail’s power to rule the world.
Troy Sutton, recently employed by the temp agency Brianna runs, has no memory before he woke in a hospital at age eighteen. Taken in by a local monastery, he is drawn to the Gregorian chants and medieval history from their archives. When he meets Brianna six years later, he feels a strong connection and offers to help her find the chalice.
It’s not until Brianna is abducted by a one-eyed man that recognition returns and Troy remembers who he is…or was.
And that the man facing him isn’t a man, but the Devil himself.