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Arriving Soon



by Cynthia Payne on 2017-10-18

Stalked by an obsessed vampire, Maggie Micelli and Jamie Walker have given up on having a normal relationship. But their love affair is anything but normal.

Jamie Walker is part of an elite army of wolves that hunts and kills vampires on a nightly basis. Frank Russo is vampire royalty and to kill him would cause a war between the vampires and wolves that would expose them to the world.

It would be disastrous.

Frank uses this to his advantage in his attempts to win Maggie’s affections. Maggie’s defiance ultimately forces Frank to kidnap her, taking her to a castle in Germany to hide her from the wolves. Maggie is weak and she’s sick as she mourns her true love. Time is running out for the wolves to rescue her and bring her home.

What the future holds for them all nobody knows. But one thing is for sure, when you have an elite army of wolves, vampire royalty and witches involved, it makes for an interesting journey in the world of the supernatural!