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Arriving Soon


Together Forever... Among the Stars

by D Greg Denton on 2018-09-07

Davic was unique, especially for a human. He could jump from the present into the past and the future. And because he could do this, he had an observer who kept tabs on him when he jumped. All Time Jumpers had one, even though they were completely unaware that they did. But again, Davic was special. He could sense that he was being watched, always had been able to. He called his observer out and when he appeared out of thin air, Davic felt both surprised and vindicated at the same time. Together, they went on a series of adventures and even though it was strictly forbidden, the two fell in love. Unfortunately, the powers that be found out about them and they were chased across the galaxy, both in the present, the past and the future. Would they be caught and if so, what would be their punishment? Would they end up together or separated forever? Only time would tell.

Warning: This story contains M/M sexual situations, time jumps from the present into the past and the future, a stubborn human and an equally stubborn alien, adventure and most importantly love. This time travel story has its own set of rules, so please refrain from making assumptions based on previous time travel stories you might have read. Thank you and enjoy!