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Arriving Soon


Sanctuary: The First Book of the Gilesian Trilogy

by D. L. Zaragoza on 2018-02-09

Crystal Hanson, a longtime ward of the state of Maryland raised by a kind foster mother, is now a young adult who wields abilities she does not understand, and barely controls. She carries the burden alone, forced to hide her true self from others.
A new guardian offers to help her find her missing parents, whom he claims may still live. Tom Tevog understands her, and where she came from, and Crystal feels a brighter future on the way.
However, one mistake during an experiment and Crystal is hiding again, only now she is hiding from the police and the FBI, who are very interested in the devastation she continues to cause, and why.
One agent, Alonzo Morales, gets closer than anyone else does, offering to help her in her quest for her greatest desire.
Can she trust him? Crystal only knows she needs to find her parents before her last chance for home runs out.