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Arriving Soon


Minerva Report: Vore Nation

by D.K. Thompson on 2017-12-01

“The facility was surrounded by countless quarantined miles, infested by the various experiments which had themselves escaped—only to have their ravenous appetite for human flesh amplified by its absence. Through the dimly lit hallways she crept. Every door brought unknown hazards, every closet the possibility of stumbling into one of the unfathomable creatures that occupied this sinister residence. Yet there was no other choice than to keep moving, as no crevice remained unmolested for long.”

Sarah is fearless, calculating, and indifferent to the success of her instinctive drive to survive. Her peaceful arrival at the Minerva Complex is quickly met with disaster and mystery that sends her on her quest to figure out precisely what is going on here, and find out where she came from. As she struggles to survive with
Abigail, the only other survivor from their arrival party, she finds herself uncontrollably drawn to her less-than stoic compatriot.

The first installment in the Minerva Report series, Vore Nation is an action-packed tale of love, hope, and humor, in the face of certain death. You will quickly find yourself rooting for these champions of human perseverance and defiance.