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Second Life in Death - Complete Series

by D.N. Leo on 2017-08-08

Burning love. Deadly secrets. Haunting past.

It starts with a kidnap of Madeline's best friend, a witty New York journalist. It ends with a mission to save a civilization.

Madeline and the world most mysterious British billionaire, Ciaran, complete each other. As strangers coming from different corners of the world, they are damaged and broken. As soulmate, they defeat legion of evil.

Second Life in Death is a collection of two complete series: A Shade of Mind and Mindscape Trilogy. Seven novels complete a thrilling and epic journey of Ciaran and Madeline from ordinary reality to greatness. This romantic supernatural suspense thriller will take your imagination of love, courage and loyalty to the next level.

This is perfect for fans of J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts), J.R. Ward, and Diana Gabaldon.

Book 1: Random Psychic
Book 2: Forever Mortal
Book 3: Elusive Beings
Book 4: Imperfect Divine
Book 5: Queen and Knight
Book 6: Castle and Bishops
Book 7: King's Endgame

More information and individual series boxed-sets can be found at