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Witch and Mage Saga

by D.N. Leo on 2019-04-17

Witch and Mage Sage is an epic boxed-set consists of 2 complete series: Soul of Ashes and Mage of Bloodstone.

The two series tell stories of Lyla and Caedmon, the next generation of the LeBlancs in the Multiverse Collection.

Soul of Ashes
When dark magic descends and super technology fails, power rises from the heart.

Lyla was born to lead the most prosperous kingdom in the multiverse. She has it all: beauty, intelligence, the protection of her royal family, and a legion of supernatural soldiers.

Her parents came from Earth. So, she knows she isn't ready for the leadership until she understands how to be human in the multiverse.

When a glitch in the computer system weakens the multiverse's border security, she goes to Earth as she's confident that she could fix the issue in the blink of an eye.

Michael was a New York street kid before Lyla's father took him to the multiverse and mentored him. Now, as the Commander in Chief of a new universe, he is the only one who could protect Lyla on her brief mission to Earth.

She knows technology. He knows human. She's righteous. He's compassionate. She's witty. He's street smart. It sounds like a fairy tale until they figure out that the most dangerous group of supernatural mercenaries are waiting for them on Earth.

The mission fails.

Disconnected from their people, relying on magic, the source of power they don't understand, every choice they make could be their last.

No war is without casualties. No victory is without sacrifices. Do they have what it takes to win the battle and return home?

Soul of Ashes is a romantic and contemporary fantasy set in South East Asia. If you love intriguing mysteries, witch business, quirky magic, and explosive action, you'll love this series.

Mage of Bloodstone

Two worlds. Two women. One man and a supernatural war.

Sedna and Alyna are the top contenders for the leadership of the most powerful mage organization in the city. Living a few hundred years apart, but they both know being the leader and carrying the baggage that comes with it is the last thing that they want.

Fate plays tricks on them both when the bloodstone Scorpio key that their mage organization worships is awakening during the time they are in charge. Their organization needs them to take the leadership and protect the key.

Caedmon, a commander from Eudaiz, a universe faraway from Earth, comes to Earth to search for the key.

Who is he? What does he really want? Sedna and Alyna have no clue. But what they both know is that their lives will never be the same without him.

Mage of Bloodstone is a romantic urban fantasy series in the Multiverse Collection. The series offers adrenaline surged action, unimaginable twists and turns, and incredibly compelling characters. If you love supernatural thriller, magic, shape-shifting and time travel romance, this is the series for you.

More information and series reading order of the Multiverse Collection can be found at

Totem of Aries: The Multiverse Collection (Circle of Fate Book 8)

by D.N. Leo on 2019-01-26

When her past becomes her future, she refuses to accept fate.

Today isn’t just another day in Eudaiz for Madeline. She wakes to find a mark on Ciaran’s shoulder that will take his life before the day ends.

An incident occurred in the past that caused this blood debt, and she’s confident she could come back to the past and fix it before it claims her husband.

She time travels with what she considers a solid plan at the time.

She has access to the best technology of Eudaiz. She’s a mind reader. She has supernatural power. She travels with a vampire friend who has wide connections across multiple worlds.

What could possibly go wrong?

The incident occurred before Ciaran and Madeline knew each other. Not only he didn’t know her, he didn’t trust her when she approached him as a stranger.

One mistake could cost Madeline her current family, Eudaiz its king, and millions of citizens their lives.
But she can’t gain Ciaran’s trust and his cooperation without telling him about the future.

However, by doing so, she violates several paradoxical rules of time traveling, which will have unknown consequences in the future …

Curse of Soulmate Complete Volume - Boxed-set available
1. Random Psychic
2. Forever Mortal
3. Elusive Being
4. Imperfect Divine
Kiss of Mayhem Complete Trilogy - Boxed set available
5. Light and Shade
6. Spells and Codes
7. Blood and Spirit
8. Totem of Aries - can be read as standalone
9. Virgo - Epilogue

Shadow of Angel Complete Trilogy - Boxed-set available here B07HX32G14
1. Oleander
2. Wolfsbane
3. Maikoa

Complete series in the Multiverse Collection

Circle of Fate
Shadow of Angel
Surge of Magic
Soul of Ashes
Mage of Bloodstone
Ghost of the Between World

The Multiverse Collection contains several related volumes and series that are suitable for readers in multiple genres including
Urban fantasy
Romance science fiction
Paranormal romance
Supernatural suspense mystery
Action adventure
Supernatural thriller

The stories contain supernatural elements and characters including psychic ability, mind control, dimension, time travel, magic, shape-shifters, were-creatures, witches and wizards, mage, angel, demon, warriors, alien, private investigators. The stories are set in fantasy universes and as well as real locations on Earth.

For more information about the reading order and new releases, please go to

Second Life in Death - Complete Series

by D.N. Leo on 2017-08-08

Burning love. Deadly secrets. Haunting past.

It starts with a kidnap of Madeline's best friend, a witty New York journalist. It ends with a mission to save a civilization.

Madeline and the world most mysterious British billionaire, Ciaran, complete each other. As strangers coming from different corners of the world, they are damaged and broken. As soulmate, they defeat legion of evil.

Second Life in Death is a collection of two complete series: A Shade of Mind and Mindscape Trilogy. Seven novels complete a thrilling and epic journey of Ciaran and Madeline from ordinary reality to greatness. This romantic supernatural suspense thriller will take your imagination of love, courage and loyalty to the next level.

This is perfect for fans of J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts), J.R. Ward, and Diana Gabaldon.

Book 1: Random Psychic
Book 2: Forever Mortal
Book 3: Elusive Beings
Book 4: Imperfect Divine
Book 5: Queen and Knight
Book 6: Castle and Bishops
Book 7: King's Endgame

More information and individual series boxed-sets can be found at