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San Vitae The Awakening

by D.P. Kirk on 2017-12-07

Conscripted by my "Coveness," Myasuchi, at an early age to become her San Vitae protector, I've known salvation, power, and sacrifice in defense of her and her city, Roanthe.

Fueled by a power that ever threatens to consume my mind and body, I must constantly struggle to resist the tempting release that is succumbing to the demon within me.

Held back only by my force of will and the consumption of donated vitae from Sans Vitae "Conseiaji," the omnipresent demon of the cataclysm lurks, waiting for the time when its madness may again terrorize the world.

A recovering world yet in wastes, with advanced but limited technology, empowered beings, and political unrest is the backdrop for my day to day life, where I'm in love with a woman to whom I cannot bond, and tortured by another that I barely understand. Join me as I try to stay sane through it all.