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Insatiable Curiosity: A SciFi Alien Romance (Saving Ceraste Book 5)

by Dane Griggs on 2019-10-08

Ally has wanted to be an astronaut for as long as she can remember, but an eye condition made that dream an impossibility. She views the Cerastean's Bride Program initiative to find human wives as her chance to finally get into space. Finding an alien husband isn't a priority. All Ally wants to do is explore space and take apart alien technology to learn how it works.

After being caught sneaking into engineering one too many times, Ally is assigned to work with Cerastean Scientist L'Zaen to re-engineer an Ostium weapon. Ally loves the work, and L'Zaen's keen intellect. L'Zaen loves how Ally's insatiable curiosity makes every day an adventure. When their work garners an invitation to a festival on the Hisk homeworld, Ally finds her greatest dream coming true.

Join our couple as they geek-out on new tech, join a pilgrimage to an alien festival, work to defeat the Ostium threat and find love.

The Bride Program Honeymoon: A Sexy SciFi Alien Romance (Saving Ceraste Book 4)

by Dane Griggs on 2019-07-31

I'm getting married to my dream alien!!!

Okay, I'm really choosing L'Arc in the Presenting Ceremony, but that doesn't have the same ring to it. Either way, this is the start to the rest of my life with my mate. I am madly in love, and we get to go on a honeymoon on a lush tropical paradise in another galaxy! The Cerasteans have been crazy-busy, so it's nice we can get away for a week. Several of my bride volunteers friends are joining us on the trip to Xerini—the dulci home world. I can't wait to hit the beaches with Maya, Serena, Chelsea and our Cerastean mates. I'll be sure we have plenty of alone time too. It's going to be the best trip ever!

Come along for the Presenting Ceremony and first Bride Program Honeymoon. Experience love, surprises, secrets and a few shocking twists & turns on Xerini.

Threesome's Guide to the Galaxy: A Sexy SciFi Alien Romance (Saving Ceraste Book 3)

by Dane Griggs on 2019-07-30

In space, no one can hear you moan.

Ever since avoiding death at the hands of a mad scientist, Chelsea has been hiding in the ductwork of an alien space station. When two new victims are brought in, Chelsea sees her chance to escape. Should she take this opportunity to get away or attempt to rescue the two sexy aliens from the scientist's clutches? What's a girl to do?

Take a journey with Chelsea, D'Rett and L'Tarne as they attempt to flee and return to Earth. Their mission is to escape and get vital information to their people. They have a beat-up space ship, bad guys on their tail, new planets to explore and a mutual attraction they are trying to resist.

The Bride Program: A Sexy, Humorous SciFi Alien Romance (Saving Ceraste Book 1)

by Dane Griggs on 2019-03-24

“Let other people volunteer to be brides and join the alien sausage party,” says mom with a deep frown.

“Okay, first of all, please don’t ever use the term ‘sausage party’ again. And secondly, Mom, my mind is made up. This might be our only chance. I will convince them to cure her. And I will be on a spaceship -- with aliens!” responds Maya.

Maya Arnold was leading a normal life, working and helping care for her sister, until the Cerasteans arrived. Offering a cure for cancer if enough women volunteer as brides, Maya jumped at the chance. Saving her sister was her only goal. She never expected to actually fall in love with an alien, or find best friends in the other bride volunteers.

Since the mysterious destruction of Ceraste, Commander D’Avii and the surviving males have been searching the galaxy for a new home. Finding Earth and its women was a miracle. Like most Cerasteans, he finds humans to be fascinating creatures -- none more so than bride volunteer Maya. His attraction to her is instant and intense. Still he knows Maya can never choose him, a warrior, with so many higher-caste scientists seeking their own mates. To do so would shame the scientists and tear the last of his people apart. Yet he aches at the loss of something he never even had.