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Arriving Soon


Joyride To Jupiter (Planetary Erotica Book 7)

by Dani Beck on 2018-02-08

Caitlyn can’t believe her boyfriend kissed another girl at that party. So she decides to walk home through the woods rather than drive another second with him. Before long, she’s lost, it’s getting dark and her phone’s battery is low. Thank goodness Marcus didn’t listen to her suggestion to go eff himself, and has followed her into the dark forest.

After a hot and heavy tryst of outdoor makeup sex, they stumble upon what appears to be an long-ago crashed and abandoned spaceship. Curious, the couple climbs inside for a quick peek. The interior looks like a naughty BDSM room, and Caitlyn is eager to sit at the controls and try it out.

The spaceship turns out to be in full working order. She and Marcus are whisked off to God knows where, and their sexy adventure in the woods turns into a very kinky joyride