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CRYSTALINE: A Lady from the Planet of Neptune

by Daniel Escurel Occeno on 2017-09-30

Science Fiction Romantic Suspense Thriller Novel - At the planet of Neptune there was a brilliant scientist named Madincou. His mind snapped and he commited genocide. He murdered his children and his wife.

While he waited for execution, he escaped with the use of a teleportation device, which needed a time continuum, in going to Earth. He went to Earth to turn the entire planet like the surface of Neptune with a chemical warfare bomb. It was to freeze all the billions of people.

There was a reason!

Crystaline was the lady with the responsibility to carry out the execution. She was ordered to follow the slayer to Earth and she was to carry out the judgement before the bomb was detonated.

She met Tober Radford, a time travel researcher, while he investigated the possible entrance of modern time from the past or the future.

The two became involved and they had to work together to stop the genocide mass murderer from freezing the planet of Earth.