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The Doll (Athereon Tales Book 2)

by Daniel Frearson on 2018-12-14

The story of this book focuses on yet another side character in the Athereon Series.Gabriela Goodwin is a Doll, designed and built to mimic life and emotion. But as it turns out, her creators did a much better job than anyone had expected.With no memories of her past and a strange world awaiting her beyond the walls of the compound that she awakens in, the journey to find out who she had once been soon begins. With nothing but a hazy image of a man, a ring on her finger and the knowledge that she was in some way connected to the Magic Council itself to go on, that journey was expected to be a much longer one than she received.But with her friends by her side and the will to push on, Goodwin put one foot in front of another and went out in search of her past, never expecting the full implications of what she would find.