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The Girl Who Could Not Die (The Girl with the Turtle Tattoo Book 9)

by Daniel Lyle on 2019-08-02

The teenaged “Girl with the Turtle Tattoo” is forever young. That’s because she can’t die. And yet she does, over and over and over! Hop skipping along mankind’s future expansion into outer space she is tortured by immortality. An unseen entity seemingly demands she suffer worse than any person in history has ever endured. She barely maintains her sanity by focusing on her quest to discover and wreck an epic revenge upon her unseen enemy. Her odyssey stretches from repressed Old Earth to the first struggling Moon colony to the nascent Martian Empire to a commercial mining operation on filthy Titan. But as she looks to the stars, one thing still binds her to Earth. It’s not justifiable hate, but an illogical love for a long lost robot dog and its handsome Native American master.

The Girl Who Rocked Stars (The Girl with the Turtle Tattoo Book 8)

by Daniel Lyle on 2018-08-15

Filthy rich and wildly famous as the world’s most celebrated teenage pop superstar, the “Girl with the Turtle Tattoo” falls to the pits of hell. Drug addicted, penniless, and disfigured she becomes a shell of her former self. Unexpectedly, an alien talent scout gives her a second shot at success. Traveling through time she attempts to regain her past glory by altering the history of music. From cannibal Fijians to Bing Crosby to the Grand Ole Opry to Woodstock she wreaks havoc. Unfortunately, her audacious mission backfires, causing music to be banned from all human societies. Can she earn redemption orchestrating a massive concert at the Milky Way’s Galactic Core, or is she doomed to have her universe-rocking songs forever silenced?