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Arriving Soon


Heart of Atlantis

by Danielle James on 2017-07-23

A broken engagement…
A honeymoon cruise she took alone…
A catastrophe she could never have imagined…
And a love that would defy all space and time…

Casey promised herself she would never settle and that is why she broke off her engagement and took her honeymoon cruise alone. A freak storm on the Atlantic had her swimming for her life and Casey thought all was lost.
She woke up on a beach in a strange place where people from all walks of life and time lived, reality was stranger than fiction, and a man that is too good to be true had taken interest in her. Could she really have survived the wormhole into the mythical Atlantis?
Jack had been on Atlantis for more years than he cared to count and had all but given up on finding someone to share his long life with. Until the day Casey washed up on shore. She was everything he never knew he wanted and everything he knew he needed.
Could he convince Casey that she could be happy in Atlantis? Or would she discover the way home without him?