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Hostage on an Alien Planet: A Sci-Fi Romance: A Romance Collection

by Danielle Weir on 2018-07-26

Mariel likes studying alien cultures. However, she doesn't like accidentally crashing into alien planets and being left to the mercy of the local ecosystem.

Things get a little worse when the sentient beings of said ecosystem decide to take her as a prisoner. She's alone on a hostile planet, afraid of being left behind, and unsure about her future, even if she does escape. However, one of the locals intrigues her. He is more than just a primitive, on a backwater planet. He is strong, compassionate, kind, and sees a future in Mariel.

She knows she shouldn't, but there's something stirring in her heart. Something she thought she would never feel again...

Hostage on an Alien Planet is a romance collection!