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Sweet Mate: Romance Collection

by Dark Cosmos Pulsing on 2018-07-17

A Collection of Steamy Hot Romance Stories with No Cliffhanger!

- Sweet Cyborg : Cyborg Romance -
One coin will give Adrienne the happiness of a lifetime. But what happens when she matches with someone outside of this social norm?

Earth. Year 5678. Couples are joined together by union machines which match them based on 98% compatibility. Adrienne has yet to use these machines even though her best friend and her boss have been pressuring to do it. When her boss hands her a galactic coin for the machine, she concedes. Maybe her mundane cycle of work and sleep would be more bearable with a partner. At the machines, she clumsily drops the coin on the ground and bumps heads with a complete stranger—a rather handsome stranger with a cybernetic arm. He asks her to coffee. Even though social norm dictates their matches must come from the machine, Adrienne accepts his offer and they connect immediately. Their connection is disrupted when Adrienne receives an email from the Federation matching her with someone else. When Leo discovers this match, their bond is nearly destroyed—and Adrienne must make a choice.

This steamy romance collection starts with “Sweet Cyborg”, followed by more of the sizzling hot romance stories you love, ranging from science fiction romance, paranormal romance, shapeshifter romance, bad boy romance, etc. for your reading pleasure.

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WARNING: It contains mature language and content, intended for 18+ readers only!