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The Blue Orchid: a tale of love, territory, food, and fungi (or rather, an errand gone very awry)

by Darren Hugh Burton on 2018-12-21

Ever have one of those days?

On what was supposed to be a simple errand to collect flowers for his beloved fiancée, Ryan, an expert botanist and usually competent outdoorsperson, stumbles into almost every possible type of hazard his newly adopted rainforest home could throw at him. From the very tiny to the very large, everything that crawls, hops, leaps, slithers or stampedes appears determined to ruin his day. Ryan’s knowledge of predator avoidance, his climbing ability, his tenacity, and not to mention the will to keep his bladder from emptying uncontrollably, are all tested to their maximum extents as he fumbles into a series of unexpectedly dangerous situations—and a few astonishing discoveries—all for the sake of love.

This comedic short story is set shortly after the events of Tooth & Claw, Burton’s first epic action adventure novel. In keeping with his approach, Burton has peppered The Blue Orchid throughout with interesting and entertaining facts about plants and wildlife, the science of discovery, and a peak into some of the curious thoughts that go through the minds of biologists. It is a standalone story; so reading the novel that it ensues is not necessary (although that wouldn’t hurt—hint, hint!). Beyond that, it is guaranteed to generate a few laughs and will more than likely get you to look up a few natural oddities that you never knew existed.