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Arriving Soon


Stella Novak

by David Balmer on 2018-07-20

From a remote village on the Welsh Coast, to the buzz of London's Camden Town, and finally by the shores of an ice-cold lake in Norway, Stella Novak is the story of kindred spirits in search of love, and the true meaning of music.

Enigmatic songwriter Stella Novak mesmerizes audiences with her strange mix of rhythms and harmonies. But where does her inspiration come from, and why does she always politely refuse to reveal anything about herself? Jazz pianist Robbie Tucker is captivated by her beguiling beauty and yearns for the love that she is reluctant to give him. But beneath Stella’s cool, rational veneer lies a passionate young woman, and when the time comes for her to say goodbye to Robbie forever, she finally reveals her true, astonishing identity and can no-longer deny that Robbie is her first, true love.

You won't stop reading until you discover the truth behind this extraordinary young woman, Stella Novak.