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The First Child (The Dianian Chronicles Book 1)

by David J. Garrett on 2017-08-20

* * * * Science fiction as it should be - - - An epic and deadly clash between the isolated and backward inhabitants of the planet moon Diana and the humans they have kept alive for two hundred years. Their planet, Diana, has been sold and the new human owners have plans for the beautiful crystal lakes and lush forests. David J. Garrett is a talented scientist and now writer, spinning a web of intrigue across the expanse of space as Ray and kin fight to survive against their corporate masters.* * * *

The pristine planet Diana orbits Proxima Centauri, a mere 4.2 light years from Earth. A colony of humans, genetically modified to withstand deep space travel, monitor and maintain EARTH-NET, humankind’s greatest achievement, from the surface of the alien world. After Earth’s catastrophic atmosphere collapsed over two hundred years ago, EARTH-NET was established to recycle and oxygenate Earth’s ruined atmosphere within the lush forests of Diana. The inhabitants of Diana survive on meager supplies shipped light years from Earth and in turn provide their mother planet with a breathable atmosphere and life to the billions of souls living there.

On the two hundredth anniversary of EARTH-NET, the program is to pass into private ownership. The Centauri Deep Space Exploration company (CDSE) have discovered new technology enabling them to send humans to Diana and the first ship is about to arrive. Young Ray, born on Diana, witnesses the arrival of the envoy and is charged with caring for Jonah, a young marine who has become ill after waking from hypersleep. Ray and Jonah discover that the relationship between Earth and Diana is about to change and CDSE have plans for Diana that threaten the very existence of the Dianian race.