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Escape The Tower (The Slayer Book 1)

by David Lawrence on 2018-04-17

It is 1977 and Vietnam Veteran Travis Kast is living a life of squalor in a housing complex known as The Tower. He has a lot of secrets buried in his past, including the death of his wife and young daughter several years earlier. Their deaths and the aftereffects of the war have left Travis a broken man. He now lives a life of solitude on the 35th floor, slowly drinking himself to death.

Everything changes for him when Aliens invade and start bombing his city. He springs into action and with the help of Serbian gangsters he tries to protect his neighbor and her young son as they struggle to make their way down thirty-five floors while aliens begin to overrun the complex. Travis has grown close to his neighbor Katherine over the past several months and he will do whatever it takes to lead her and her son to safety.

As they navigate their way through the building it becomes apparent that Travis may know more about these creatures than he lets on. The confined spaces of The Tower turn into an intense battleground that is rife with danger around every corner. Travis is in for the fight of his life as he tries to escape The Tower.