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Wired Dreams: An uncommon love story at the dawn of artificial intelligence.

by David Melde on 2019-02-02

Amy is a typical 146-year-old woman living out her life while in a coma.

She has a loving husband (David), a lakeside cabin, and a great social life despite the lifelong illness that left her comatose. She spends her life on the Internet of Reality (IOR) where she dances and sings, travels the world, and eats all she wants because it’s calorie-free, guilt-free, sin-free food. Along with billions of other people, Amy is redefining what reality means, and how society views it.

Except … her congregation takes a dim view of deviant behavior on the IOR, and they are the ones who control Amy’s life. They don’t like how society is changing, and they play strictly by a book they call “The Laws of Nature”. According to their worldview, if something is against the laws of nature in the real world then you sure as hell don’t do it on the Internet of Reality.

They arrest Amy for moral turpitude. They threaten to disconnect her from the IOR as a warning to others. Amy has a terrible choice to make- go to jail for one thousand years, or have her mind sent back into her body to live out her life inside of a living, breathing coffin.