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RECALLED TO LIFE--Secret Laboratory: Inspired by "Prometheus"

by David Richardson on 2017-12-19

Many years after Jacques de Roquefort, a handsome French soldier, had been fatally shot during Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, Dr. Henri Manet, a colleague of Dr. Victor Frankenstein, described by Mary Shelly in her book "Prometheus," attempts to bring the young soldier’s decayed body back to life in a ruined castle's secret laboratory. If Dr. Manet succeeds, the soldier’s renewed body will be as handsome and vigorous as it was when he was age nineteen. What will then become his fiancé, Maria Montague, now an old woman of seventy? Can Dr. Manet restore her youth and beauty? If so, how will the fearful, fanatic villagers react if a young, beautiful woman claims to be the missing Madame Maria Montague who had disappeared? How will those same villagers react to the handsome, young man's repeated claim that he is the fiancé of her youth, Jacques de Roquefort, who had been killed at Waterloo?