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Alpha in Chains: Enslaved - The Queen's Toys

by Debby Drake on 2018-05-04

Against all odds, two unlikely lovers must overcome a universe that is hell-bent on destroying them both...

Since his capture on a strange planet of fierce warrior women, Captain Rick Hernandez of the USSA has had to live the life of a prisoner of war, under very unusual conditions. In a planet ruled by women, the roles are reversed. Used and abused by the guards in ways he would never have imagined and preferred he forgot, Hernandez doesn't have much of a say, and his current plan was to patiently bide his time and wait for a prime opportunity to make his escape.

What he definitely didn't count on was meeting Yoshiri, a green-eyed, drop-dead gorgeous officer with the amazingly long hair. One look was all it took and they both knew their lives would never be same again. It would have been perfect, but there was just one major snag.

Yoshiri was beholden to the Queen.

Yoshiri was Queen Aristella's lover, and the law forbade Yoshiri from loving another under the pain of death. Yoshiri, becoming increasingly disillusioned with her life as the Queen's favorite consort, was becoming restless and only Hernandez, with his hard, muscular body could fill her in ways that no one ever had and bring her peace.

As for Hernandez, Yoshiri was quickly becoming an addiction, and he just couldn't get enough of her and her exquisitely delicious body.

So, when the chance came for Hernandez to make his escape with the help of another captain, imprisoned on the planet years before his capture, he takes a willing Yoshiri with him and they make their way to Beta Osiris Eleven, a planet of cybernetically enhanced humans, for some supplies and a pit stop, but as often happens with the best laid plans, they are captured and forced to participate in a deadly, otherworldly spectacle with their lives at stake.

With the wrath of Queen Aristella hot on their tails, will the lovers find a way to be together? Or will nemesis catch up with them and put an end to their romance?

Alpha in Chains is an action-packed, galactic sci-fi romance novel chock full of titillating plot twists and avant-garde characters with a gripping storyline. If you're a fan of fast-paced sci-fi thrillers with piping hot love scenes, then you have to get your hands on this exhilarating novel by Debby Drake!

Scroll up and click the button to find out what happens when all the boundaries are crossed and sparks fly!