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Pantheon: The Complete Series

by Deborah McNemar on 2018-07-13

Four complete, full length novels:

The sovereign countries of the world were tearing themselves apart and from the carnage, a new ruling class arose. Mega corporations run the world now, forging bonds of finance and common interest beyond the borders of patriotism. In the shadows beneath these forces, corps of covert operatives make sure that business remains civil, lethal force the language they speak.

Pantheon Consulting is the largest of the corporations and they are fighting a silent war. Someone is hunting them, striking only to vanish back into the shadows. Time is running out before they strike hard and Pantheon goes under for good. Open war is coming and if Pantheon falls, chaos will tear the world apart.

Amid the violence, friendships will be formed, loyalty questioned and love will be tested to the limit.