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Sorrow Lake: The Complete 5-Books Series

by Dee Bridgnorth on 2019-06-13

Book 1
When Libby goes home for winter break, there is only one thing on her mind: visiting her childhood friend, Drake, the football star whose promising future was cut short by a dream-ending injury.

When she finds him, he’s even more different than she expected. Instead of the addict she’s watched him devolve into, he’s healthy. Strong—maybe stronger than he should be.

And he doesn’t know her. Because he, like the town, has a secret which, when she learns it, destroys her illusions forever.

For there are vampires living in another world on the other side of Sorrow Lake—and Drake's one of them.

Book 2
Mia’s life hasn’t been the same since her aunt’s sudden illness. Between her duties at home, her job and online courses, she barely has a minute for herself.

Which is why when she sees her best friend’s father walking through Sorrow Lake one night, she dismisses his appearance as nothing but a hallucination. After all, Libby’s dad died years ago.

But it isn’t a hallucination, and Lucas—the wealthy, spoiled vampire/warlock hybrid—knows it. He also knows this makes her special, though anyone with eyes could see this beautiful, charming girl is unique.

He needs to get her out of his head. There is turmoil bubbling just beneath the surface of Sorrow Lake and the Mirror Realm which sits on the other side of it, all thanks to his treacherous mother.

Book 3
Kate has a secret: she’s spent her life training to hunt and kill the vampires who live in the Mirror Realm. Vampires who more than likely murdered her twin sister.

She’ll be killed, too, if her identity is revealed. Yet when the gorgeous vampire Micah shows interest in her, she believes he might be the key to unlocking the mystery of the sudden uptick in violence and destruction around town. Even if the sight of him makes her sick.

Micah knows there’s something different about her—especially when he witnesses her defending herself against a vampire attack. No mortal should be able to defend herself so ably.
He soon realizes he holds the key to her sister’s disappearance.

She knows he will kill her if he finds out who she truly is.
Is the improbable attraction between them enough to save Sorrow Lake from certain destruction? Especially when their secrets are revealed?

Book 4
As the daughter of one of the world’s most powerful witches, Dido knows what it means to have a lot to live up to. Which is why she’s determined to make up for her many mistakes and restore her reputation in the Mirror Realm by bringing back someone who exiled himself many years ago—thanks to her.

Edwin’s heartbreak at Dido’s hand sent him running from the only home he ever knew, determined to live away from her and the rest of the realm. Yet it was a deadly, tragic accident and the resulting guilt which kept him away for decades. He’d like to go home now, except one thing holds him back.

Or, rather, one person. Someone who’s gone missing. Someone he has to find.

Book 5
Cassandra’s only concern after being freed from imprisonment is the human she fell in love with back in Sorrow Lake. She wanted nothing more than to build a life with Craig, even if it meant giving up living as a witch for his sake.

There’s just one problem. While he survived imprisonment in the Shadow Realm as so many dozens of others did, his memory didn’t survive. The man she still loves has no memory of himself—or, of her.

Craig can’t understand why Cassandra seems so interested in him—or why he and the rest of the people living together in a locked mansion can’t be free. Maybe if he could remember who he is or where he came from, he’d be able to move on.

Celtic Dragons: A Boxset

by Dee Bridgnorth on 2018-11-08

Book One
For Kean O’Shea, life is a perfect combination of solving crimes, investigating paranormal activity, and flying high in the Boston skies with the people he loves best—his dragon clan. He’s gorgeous, well-built, and more than confident that he knows exactly what life has in store for him. But when Dhara Swamy walks into his life, brilliant, beautiful, and just a little bit broken, everything he thought he knew turns upside down.

Dhara is attacked in her own home by unseen powers, and her scientist mind won’t let her accept the fact that there’s something happening to her that the natural laws of the universe just can’t explain. Kean is well-versed in the supernatural, though, and he recognizes immediately that Dhara needs the kind of help that can’t be found in a lab, explained in a textbook, or theorized in a classroom.

Book Two
Moira Brennan’s beauty is as vivid as her flame-red hair and glowing dragon scales. Both are a badge of vibrancy and power that she wears proudly, and while she’s not one to start a fight, she won’t walk away from one either. As part of the Boston dragon clan, Moira spends her days imbedded in the secret supernatural world of Boston, and her nights in her true dragon form, flying over the city, diving beneath the ocean, and resting in the tree tops. She’s not interested in settling down or changing anything about her life, but then Grady Princeton walks in a with a problem in his company’s vault and everything turns on its head.

Book Three
Eaman Cleary is a man of few words, and a bit of a mystery, even to those closest to him. He likes it that way, and he’s happiest when he’s flying through the air, his pure-white dragon form blending into the clouds and the pale-blue sky. White-blonde hair and artic skin only add to his mysterious persona, and nobody has ever inspired him to come out of his shell—at least not until Autumn Pruitt walks into the office, afraid for her own life and her daughters’ lives. Autumn never meant to stumble into the clearing in the woods or to see what she saw, but now she can’t get away from the consequences.

Book Four
Nothing scares Siobhan MacFaddan, except, perhaps, the fear that she’ll spend her life alone. Tall, tan, and blonde, she certainly gets plenty of attention, but she only wants attention from the man who is supposed to be her soulmate, if she can ever find him. Siobhan may not be exactly sure what she’s looking for in a soulmate, but she certainly knows what she’s not looking for, and that’s Julius Giordano, no matter how drop-dead gorgeous he is. When Julius comes to her office to tell her that he’s having visions where a man murders a woman, it doesn’t take her long to figure out that he has a supernatural window into the future or that the man gets under her skin—and not in a good way. But she has to save the woman in Julius’ visions, and as the case progresses, so do her feelings for the man suddenly gifted with psychic abilities.

Book Five
Ronan Connolly isn’t just another dragon shifter—he’s the rugged, gorgeous, powerful leader of his generation and the person charged with the responsibility of making sure that the clan’s quickly dwindling numbers don’t spell destruction. Dragon shifters can only breed with other dragon shifters, as the legend tells it, and that means that here is a growing shortage of mates for Ronan and his friends. All he cares about is saving the clan from dying out, and the only way to do that is to find some way for shifters and humans to reproduce together. His friends have been doing their part by falling in love, one by one, with humans rather than their chosen shifter mates, but until Ronan finds the magic answer that will allow them to reproduce together, the clan is still in danger of extinction. Ronan’s search for answers gets him cursed with a potentially-deadly spell, and Natasha has the healing powers that can save him.