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Black Babylon

by Dee Miller on 2018-09-26

Two hundred years in the future, Blacks rule, and Whites are a very small, oppressed minority.

Ten million whites--all that's left of the Caucasian Race in North America are forced to live in one small teeming, Hellish city called Black Babylon, and ruling over them, from a floating city two miles above called Skypoint, King Nafari and his beautiful sixteen year old daughter Princess Bahiti hold sway, along with her cruel older brother Prince Samora who wants to eradicate the rest of the whites forever once he takes over after the King dies in return for all the years of enslavement and exploitation whites inflicted on their people for a thousand years.

Princess Bahiti does her best to care for all her Father's subjects, even the poor whites, while also trying to assure her Father she would never betray her own race by daring to actually fall in love with one. For an African Princess to even think of being with a white man, no matter how handsome, would do nothing but bring shame on her and her family for generations, and result in her own swift execution.

But everything changes for Princess Bahiti when her life is saved in the middle of a bloody battle far from home by a fearsome but handsome young white warrior the same age as she is.

Jerreck Bloodspear doesn't just slay her would be killers because he wants to win the Princesses heart. He also has a burning hatred in his thundering heart for every African he lay eyes on--except for the Princess. Bahiti knows she must never speak of the love that burns inside her--not if she wants him to live. Because in the future, the colors of those in charge and those who are oppressed may have changed, but the age old rules forbidding true love between the races have stayed the same.

This romantic sci-fi adventure features some violence and a few mature scenes, but is suitable for most ages.