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Arriving Soon


An Alien’s Big Quest

by Delia Mcguire on 2017-09-05

It was supposed to be a hot one night fling!

This steamy Alien Romance is hot enough to melt your kindle.


***An Alien’s Big Quest***
“This is amazing, Claire!” he said as he seized the moment with a perfect bang and made me experience the intensity of every orgasm that I have ever felt in my life, all at once. I had never felt anything even remotely close to that amazing sensation that was running all over my body.
As Claire found Xavier, her one true love in a strange realm, she had no idea that she had visited thousands of Light Years to save the future of the entire humanity. She was responsible for the existence of the earth and as she was given a choice, she could only pick either her love or the future of her planet. Read this thrilling book as Claire would explore a whole new side of our universe and be a part of her adventure. Experience love, loss, and lust like never before.

WARNING: This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.