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The Alien Exile: Syrek: A SciFi Romance Novel (Clans of the Ennoi)

by Delia Roan on 2018-06-13

The alien mercenary Syrek Ar’Zathris inherited many sins from his warmonger father: his looks, his battleship, and his cutthroat reputation. When a mission goes wrong, Syrek winds up with a freezer full of human abductees in cryogenic slumber. The only one he really wants though is the dark-eyed beauty who stirs his Ennoi passions. She might be the one to finally melt Syrek’s heart, but first, he has to melt her cool exterior.

Mara Desai is obedient, hardworking, and always follows the rules, but she doesn’t need a rulebook to know she should stay away from Syrek. He’s trouble, from his smirk to his strut. As much as she resists, Syrek draws her in, tapping into a wild part of her she’s always hidden. But her friends are still encased in ice, and she must save them from a powerful alien enemy who approaches.

With everything they treasure at risk, the lovers will have to decide how much they are willing to sacrifice for love… and how hard they are willing to fight for their beliefs.

The Alien Traitor: Jahle: A SciFi Romance Novel (Clans of the Ennoi)

by Delia Roan on 2018-03-22

Melissa Harlock scoffed at her sister’s stories about extraterrestrial life. That is until she’s kidnapped and whisked away to a desolate planet. Her alien captor makes her toes tingle, but Mel isn’t the kind of woman to give up her freedom – or her heart – without a fight. Something sneaky is up, and she wants out.

Ennoi prince Jahle’s loyalty is tested when his feisty prisoner takes him hostage and demands an escort to safety. The jailbreak is the perfect cover for a secret mission that could save Jahle’s people from his brother’s cruel reign. He just has to hide his deception – and his growing desire – from Mel long enough to succeed.

Hunted by Jahle’s angry brother, the lovers must rely on each other to survive a wasteland ravaged by earthquakes, giant centipedes and dangerous storms. With Jahle’s brawn and Mel’s brain, they’re the perfect team. Except… they’re supposed to be enemies, right?

The Alien Prince: Kovos: A SciFi Romance Novel (Clans of the Ennoi Book 2)

by Delia Roan on 2018-01-17

As the heat between them grows, so does the threat of war.
Prince Kovos of the Ennoi knows a loveless, but politically advantageous marriage will end the decades of bloodshed his people have endured. Kovos’s plans for peace go awry when a human woman interrupts his betrothal ceremony – by declaring she’s already his Bonded mate! At the sight of her enticing beauty, logic leaves Kovos. He can’t focus on petty diplomacy or his boring duties when all he wants to do is claim what is his.
Years ago, Kovos saved nine-year-old Jenna Harlock from human trafficking mercenaries. By re-entering his life, she jeopardizes his fragile peace accord. Despite her fear of aliens, Jenna’s childhood crush blooms into something she ran from her whole life: love. But she can’t give her heart to Kovos. His enemies have her sister. If Jenna doesn’t assassinate the prince, her sister dies.
Jenna has to trust her alien prince if they are to have any hope of unraveling the sinister plot threatening everything Kovos has built. If they fail, they will lose more than just their happiness – they’ll lose their lives.

The Alien Recluse: Verdan: A SciFi Romance Novella (Clans of the Ennoi)

by Delia Roan on 2017-11-19

Rebecca Nowak has survived enough horrors to last her a lifetime. After escaping from intergalactic slavers, Rebecca stows away with a powerful alien who leaves her weak in the knees. She finds comfort onboard the ship, by his side and as his daughter's playmate and confidant. There's one problem: beneath his tough exterior, the alien might be even more damaged than Rebecca.

Wracked with grief at the death of his Avowed mate, Ennoi clan prince Verdan dedicated himself to raising his young daughter. He’s not looking for a stowaway, and he’s certainly not seeking company. Harboring Rebecca risks both his child and his peace of mind -- yet he can’t resist the hunger Rebecca that stirs inside his long-dead heart...

Apart, they are broken. Together, Rebecca and Verdan might find what they’re longing for: love, hope and a second chance at life.