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Arriving Soon


Back To The Stars

by Della Mcgowan on 2017-09-05

Alien seeking mate, curves preferred!

Get your Romance fix NOW with this tantalizing short story between Alien and BBW!


***Back To The Stars***
“I have never felt something so deep and profound, Ashton. It is like I was sleeping for all these years and you have brought me back to life with your kiss,” Lisa said as she unbuttoned Ashton’s shirt and admired each and every inch of his body that was chiseled to perfection.
As Ashton was banished to Earth from Jahaba, he was supposed to live a life full of misery and remorse. His heart was painted black and only true love was able to guide him his way back home. When he met Lisa, he had no idea that she would end up becoming the love of his life. As they both explore each other, they realize about the strange cosmic connection that tied their souls together. Ashton thought that he had it all until he realize that it was not just true love, but its sacrifice that would take him home. Read this heart-wrenching tale, as Ashton would take the toughest decision of his life and would find meaning in his chaotic life.

WARNING: This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.