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Hunted by the Alien (Alien Protector Book 1)

by Dena Christy on 2019-06-15

On the planet of Arrann Prime, stolen secrets are worth a lot of money, and the dealing in stolen information is Cheria Warder's chosen profession. Her time commands a high price and she has covered her tracks well for the past ten years. But what was supposed to be a routine meeting with a new client turns deadly and sends her running from a killer.

Rone Tazo is a Thonaxian warrior, who has been a bounty hunter on Arrann Prime for five years. A simple job is assigned to him, one that will make him enough money to finally go home. All he has to do is pick up Cheria and take her to the bounty holder in another city. It seems simple enough, until she gets away from him and leads him on a chase across the city.

With both a killer and a bounty hunter after her, Cheria needs to choose the lessor of two evils. So when Rone finally captures her, she goes quietly with him in the hopes that he will keep her safe from a killer. But what neither of them count on is the desire that flares to life between them. It offers both of them hope that perhaps love might be in their future if they manage to survive the present.

Iszak (The Dragon's Mate Book 2)

by Dena Christy on 2017-07-10

Iszak Domokos is a dragon shifter who wakes under a curse after centuries of sleep. If he doesn't find the mate fate intends for him, he will be consumed with madness in three months time. While staying in a solitary cabin, he rescues a woman named Julia and his attraction to her is immediate. He starts to think that his search for a mate is over, until he learns her last name.

Julia Robillard comes from a long line of dragon hunters and is stranded in a snowstorm in the middle of nowhere while searching for her missing brother, Kevin. When the mysterious Iszak rescues her, she is forced to spend time with him. The attraction she feels for him forces her to evaluate what she truly wants her future to look like.

The more time Iszak spends with her, the more he is convinced that Julia is the woman he's been searching for. But she is a dragon hunter and more than just their growing love could die when she learns about his involvement in happened to her brother.

Note: This book contains one couple, one HEA and no cliff hangers. It can be read as a standalone.