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Arriving Soon



by Devin Harbison on 2017-11-25

During an assignment in space in the year 2135, Captain Kailin Patrick tests a dream den built to give people the chance to relive and create new, pleasant memories, but, as the machine offers the opportunity for him to reexperience intimate moments with a past love, Kailin can’t resist and builds himself up to a devastating mental breakdown, bringing his personal mission to an abrupt end just after observing the destruction of Saturn at the hands of a cosmic event, one that may also destroy the planet he calls home.

For a man whose life has revolved around the New Earth Coalition space program, being forced to live the life of an everyday citizen will be full of trials as he balances his love for another woman, haunting dreams mixed with reality, and a series of events that will force him to rediscover and remember what his heart and mind fears most.

"I'm confident that I'll never change. Most people never do. It's just a matter of living with who you are, and, by sharing my story, I believe I'm starting to do just that." -Kailin Patrick