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Arriving Soon


Deep (Luna's Story Book 3)

by Diana Knightley on 2018-04-10

War sucks. Actually everything about this world sucks now, every deep drowning bit of it. Beckett just has to figure out how to survive and keep Luna safe.

Beckett is done with his military service, but there's no transport to his mountain. He walks west, but the road is long and dangerous. The kind of slog that could break a man. 

Luna is living in his home. Becoming a part of his family, hoping he'll survive and come home. 

But if he does make it home, he'll find out she's been hiding something. A big secret that could take Beckett far past his breaking point. 

And they can probably weather anything. 

But while they level with each other, the world is leveling too.
Survival, deserted islands, big storms, and desperate searches, join Beckett as he attempts to rescue Luna in Leveling, the epic, steamy, and suspenseful first book of the trilogy, Luna's Story:

Leveling (Book One)
Under (Book Two)
Deep (Book Three)