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Arriving Soon



by DIANA KAYE on 2019-02-22

Earth 24 th century AD; 300 years since the cataclysm that almost wiped the planet clean of humanity
and caused mass extinctions and mutations among life in general.

Aeyshia is part of a group researching the possibility of re establishing her peoples’ civilization on this planet that her ancestors fled aeons ago. A healer, from an ancient race known as the Collective, she finds herself having visions of a dark haired, feral man who impinges on her psyche at random intervals. Suddenly, her shuttle is destroyed by an unknown force with her the only survivor. Although her people had developed great psychic abilities, they long ago lost the need for self protection. She finds herself marooned and helpless in a frightful world. Aeyshia is unable to defend herself, even when captured and sold as a sex slave to a powerful
overlord of the Realm.

She has one hope. Without realizing or understanding, she keeps reaching out to the man of her
visions, which causes never before erotic sensations to alleviate her torment at the hands of her repulsive,
sadistic master.

Jon Te Kawa, an agent for his country’s militia, is tasked with investigating the potential threat of an emerging
empire known as the ‘Realm’ and it’s fearful deity, The Angel, which seemingly has grown out of
nowhere. Only one group of people survived
relatively intact to become the Republic of New Zealand and adopting a policy of secrecy and non
interaction with the remnants of human habitation. Yet one of it’s citizens; Jon keeps having
visions of an impossibly beautiful girl he’s never met while across the gulf of space.

When Aeyshia's brutal treatment causes dormant, violent emotions to rise into her consciousness, Jon is sweep up and placed in the middle of a terror he knew nothing back. Now, faced to protect and aid the woman of his dreams, will either on of the make it our alive?