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Commander's Bond: A SciFi Alien Romance (Commanders of the Iti Book 3)

by Diana Logan on 2019-07-17

He's an alien king with a literal sex drive...I can't exactly ask him for a ring. 

Katy thinks she knows where she stands, not only with the alien of her dreams, Royal Commander Grix, but also with the people he rules. But then a new ship of Iti arrives, and it changes everything they thought they knew.

There will be no peace in the galaxy, and certainly no happy ending for Grix and Katy, unless they confront the Pain Priests who murdered his family. Can Katy trust their promises to each other in the face of a...COMMANDER'S BOND.

Commander's Bond is a full-length, 60,000 word (300+ pages) romance novel that concludes the trilogy about Grix and Katy. It features a geeky heroine who isn't afraid to speak her mind (or quote from her favorite sci-fi movies), a gorgeous alien king looking to get his throne back, and the sexiest form of faster-than-light travel you've ever read.

Sci-fi romance for the pop culture superfan!

1. Commander's Price: Grix and Katy
2. Commander's Trade: Grix and Katy
3. Commander's Bond: Grix and Katy

Commander's Trade: A SciFi Alien Romance (Commanders of the Iti Book 2)

by Diana Logan on 2019-05-31

She’s been abducted by aliens…
She’s run away with an exiled king…
Now Katy is about to face the greatest test of all:


Commander's Price (Commanders of the Iti Book 1)

by Diana Logan on 2019-04-01

“Can you help me?”

He was the most gorgeous creature to ever walk into Katy’s dive bar. And he claimed he was looking for a woman. Two shots of tequila later, Katy is more than willing to accompany her new friend back to his place for a night of mindblowing sex that proves to be out of this world.


Katy wakes up on a spaceship halfway across the galaxy, the captive of a smoking-hot alien who claims he’s an exiled prince, and that Katy holds the key to helping him win back his throne, as long as she’s willing to pay the… COMMANDER’S PRICE