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Arriving Soon


After the End: The End of the Living

by Diana Stuart on 2018-07-08

An Exciting And Suspenseful Romance Story!

A Journey

Jesse thought she lost everything, but she was wrong. There was more to lose, and the hordes of Devolved were coming to take it. Immune to a virus that converted her friends, neighbors and the entire world into this subhuman species; the resourceful and heroic Jesse begins her trek towards safety.

Thinking that she would be safer up north, she makes her journey one day at a time, amidst treacherous encounters along the way and in abandoned cities. By the time she reaches Washington DC, she finds it deserted. Her journey is interrupted by revelations that lead her to believe the possibility of a cure.

A Friend

Just when Jesse thinks that she is destined to face this new world alone, she finds another human who is immune to the virus, like her. They seem destined to be best friends until a tall and handsome man shows up and the two women are torn.

The three set off on a quest to find a cure but instead find something worse than anything they could have anticipated. As love starts to bloom amidst the blood and gore of the battles with the hordes, the specter of death returns.

A Love

Who will get the guy? Where is he from? Do they survive? Part One of a three-part trilogy marinated in excitement, baked in suspense. Follow Jesse as she navigates an earth that is home to the horde.

Find out what happened to earth and what happens with Jesse, her friend, and the guy they are both in love with! Grab your copy now!