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The Unmasked (A.C.E.)

by Diana Woolf on 2018-09-19

A dangerously intelligent unnamed shape-shifting slave narrowly avoids execution when he is selected by Colonel Joel Terrance as an engineer and a personal play-thing. Joel’s father and superior officer, who originally captured the slave, warns him not to get attached or let his guard down after Joel becomes obsessed with his personal servant. The elder Terrance warns that the creatures are dangerous, that nothing is more dangerous than someone with nothing left to lose. He demands his son discard the slave and execute him before it’s too late. 0021 A.C.E. – 0027 A.C.E.

The Unknown (A.C.E. )

by Diana Woolf on 2018-07-11

Silver, a member of the Circle of Others, spends his life saving humans and Unknown alike from the Order of Outsiders. When he finds himself on the top of their hunt list, his only hope may be a defector: the same assassin sent to capture him.

The Unnamed

by Diana Woolf on 2018-02-01

A member of a conquered species frees his Life Mate from the compound where they are kept. As punishment, his captors strip him of his wings and his name, then gift him to four female trainers as a breeding slave, and force him to build weapons to destroy more of his kind. He’s ready to take his own life when he discovers that his mate may never have made it to freedom. When offered a sordid deal for information, he discovers he would endure any depravity to find her.