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Arriving Soon


BBW And the Beast

by dirty brandi on 2017-09-18

A sugary sweet bride goes on an adventure with an otherworldly man. Just when things seem a little too good to be true, the truth comes out.

“We have to go. Get dressed.”

“Jacelyn Anderson?” a voice at the door says. “Please open the door. We have reason to believe you are in danger.”

“Who is that? Why are they saying that?”

The man flips on the kitchen light. In the bright light, I see his dark chocolatey skin is covered with opalescent scales that glimmer in the light. I put a hand over my mouth in shock.

“Who – what are you?” I say quietly.

Limited time: this book also includes an extra ~60 hours of bonus stories for you to enjoy.

Reader Advisory: This is a short story that you should be able to read in about an hour. Perfect for a day at the beach or a rainy afternoon at home :)

**Warning: The content of this book is extremely explicit**