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The Resonant Frequency of the Universe (Star Redeemers Book 1)

by Dr. Scott Neff on 2017-09-26

Join with our heroes and go on an adventure no Man nor Women, no Book, Movie or TV Show has ever taken you on and solve the mysteries of where mankind came from, the mysteries of all the ancient artifacts found on earth, discover the answers to the Bermuda Triangle, who built the Pyramids and why, where many ancient civilizations disappeared to, solve the mysteries of the ancient God’s and the Bible, and save the United States, our world and our universe from eminent takeover and destruction from the oldest and greatest fiend ever known in mankind’s or the Bible's experiential existence. You will be amazed and entertained as you join the adventure story for a life time.

The United States, the Earth and the Universe are in eminent danger of destruction by mysterious Biblical and Extraterrestrial forces. A boy who witnessed alien ships arise out of the ocean and disappear, now grown as a world renowned physician and archeologist, discovers alien technology, which he uses to travel through the Universe looking for allies and even to the Garden of Eden in another dimension looking for help to defeat the evil Biblical and Extraterrestrial forces. Early he is assigned a Lady Marine Corp fighting machine, and their love takes them on an adventure of a lifetime and throughout the universe to consummate in a final battle using alien weapons as well as relics from the Bible to save the United States, the Earth and the Universe.