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FRANKIE & JAMIE (Silver Rangers Mini-Series Book 2)

by Drusilla Tieben on 2019-01-01

After a whirlwind romance, Ranger Frankie Boetcher asked Jamie Caudillo to come and live with him in the Grand Canyon. Her search and rescue skills helped Jamie land a job allowing her to move from Boulder and work with the Rangers in the Canyon. They haven’t had much of a peaceful life in the past, fighting off a deadly Rastafarian and a crazed ex-military killer, but they love each other and want to make a go of it together. The two lonely souls complete each other, but Frankie’s mysterious past and Jamie’s secret creates tension in their relationship. What they learn about each other, the Havasupai nation, and the visitors will solidify their relationship and give them direction for the future.FRANKIE & JAMIE is the second in the Silver Rangers Mini-Series. They both appear in the Caitlin Ferguson mysteries – SILVER ELEMENT and SILVER STORM. This is their story. This is a work of fiction—mystery and romance set in Grand Canyon, Arizona.