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Embrace: A Ravencross Romance Thriller

by E. Avalon on 2017-11-11

Welcome to Ravencross! This romance future fiction suspense thriller series is about the cast, crew and fans of a popular daytime drama who become dangerously, and obsessively involved with each other while playing an A.I. enhanced online game based on the show.

Each book is a romance wrapped in a thriller. A lot of romance, some future tech science fiction and a whole lot of thrills. Each book can be read independently.

In Book 1 - Embrace, start on the set of Forever with the show's power woman owner Shania Mahone, and her look-but-don't-touch relationship with her handsome star director Hudson Cormack. They will take you inside the show to follow Anton Clark when he is assigned to protect Dr. Seneca Landon from a mysterious harasser. Could a jagged edge street cop from gritty Northside win over a sophisticated doctor who has just arrived in town? By the time we find out, a suspicious gamer and a corrupt show writer are set to collide online and irrevocably destroy the lives of those operating in the real world.

Lines are crossed. Boundaries are broken. But at the core is a dramatic love story about meeting someone you think you can't have, and finding a way to force the world to change circumstances to your side. Each book delivers parallel love stories playing out in real life, and on screen - only to be shaken and disrupted by the twisted love coming at everyone from the digital realm.

Ready for a brand new ride in a hot new romance suspense series? The Ravencross world begins here...