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Kain Seduction (Her Alien Scouts Book 2)

by E. M. Moore on 2019-02-17

Ready for more otherworldly experiences?

Lia certainly is. Who wouldn't be with three sexy aliens by her side to fulfill her every whim and wanting nothing more than to protect her?

Unfortunately, Lia may be getting too many experiences to handle. If it isn't Kain itself, it's Lia's government, and now? Now they encounter the worst threat of all: the Mordrons.

This warrior alien race is trying to take everything they have away from them. The Mordrons are bigger, stronger, and skilled in ways the peaceful Kains never thought necessary. However, the Kains have one thing the Mordrons don't have: a reason to fight.

But will the Kains' determination to fight be enough? Or will the Mordrons obliterate everything they now hold dear?

KAIN SEDUCTION is an alien reverse harem romance suitable for ages 18+.

Kain Encounters (Her Alien Scouts Book 1)

by E. M. Moore on 2018-11-26

USA Today Bestselling Author E. M. Moore brings you the first book in the HER ALIEN SCOUTS series.

When Lia woke up to her boring, trivial, unsophisticated life, she never dreamed she'd be visited by aliens...let alone three hot aliens.

After Lia's parents died, she became the reluctant owner of a small-town motel with an even smaller guest list. For kicks, she watched TV and a lot of it. Her favorite shows included Supernatural and Shadowhunters, basically anything with swoony guys to make her heart melt.

So, when the Kains come, she thinks she's right in her element. Until reality sets in that is.

Maybe there's not something so sexy about a drop-dead gorgeous guy telling her he needs to take her back to his planet to save his alien race. Even less sexy than that is the sudden influx of men in black suits who want to hold her hostage, so she can tell them everything she knows about her new alien friends.

But as the lines blur between alien and human, Lia might just find herself in a not-so-fictional world she would do anything to protect.

KAIN ENCOUNTERS is an alien reverse harem romance with a trifecta of alien hotties and the woman who just might be able to save an entire planet.