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Jack and Kara at the End of the World: Part One: The World as They Know It

by E.J. Simon on 2018-01-18

Jack and Kara didn't choose to be born after the world ended and society collapsed. Jack didn't choose to have his small village raided and forcibly absorbed into the Blacksmiths. But he did choose to escape. Kara didn't choose to be what passes for royalty in the northwestern wasteland, but her mother rules Watsonville, a fortified, shining beacon where life is pretty good if you don't think about the outside. Kara's being groomed for leadership, whether she likes it or not. When Jack and Kara cross paths, will they choose to stick together? Will the Blacksmiths or a roving, growing pack of cannibals give them any choice at all? Meet Jack and Kara in JACK AND KARA AT THE END OF THE WORLD, PART ONE: THE WORLD AS THEY KNOW IT. A serialized novel of love, sex, cannibals, and societal collapse.